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As leading cleanroom suppliers in Australia, we provide high-quality design, fabrication, facilities and services for the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, contract packing, defense, research and development, living sciences, fibre optic, semiconductor, lithography, engineering, cosmetic and medical professions.
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Hardwall Cleanrooms

These facilities are characterised as a solid construction of a permanent nature, usually being multiple rooms or the proverbial “ballroom” type construction.
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Softwall Cleanrooms

Constructed with increased flexibility, this technical solution helps exclude a dirtier environment from a critical process. Our manufacturers create them from materials that allow them to specifically be installed within a pre-air-conditioned area such as a laboratory, an office, or in some instances, a warehouse.
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Mobile Cleanrooms

The most universal of all are the mobile cleanrooms. Manufacturing occurs in Sydney and the supplies can then be transported almost anywhere by truck or helicopter (just ask the defense force). Our solutions come in a number of varieties and designs constructed by our skilled manufacturers, depending on the requirement of how much movement is required.
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modular construction by cleanrooms australia

Modular Cleanrooms

Modular is the type of construction where suppliers deliver the components already made and then assemble them onsite. This type of cleanroom is lightweight and may contain soft wall elements. Modular cleanrooms are perfect in providing a less robust, non-permanent solution, and are therefore highly convenient.
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Cleanrooms Australia

Are you looking for a practical cleanroom’s solution that is 100% safe and delivered by qualified cleanroom suppliers and manufacturers with extensive industry experience?

You have come to the right place. Whether you are an owner or manager of a business and are requiring cleanroom facilities (such as air shower systems and workbenches) to comply with predetermined standards, or if you’re trying to increase manufacturing yields, you want to ensure that the cleanroom you construct will achieve what is necessary to protect both yourself and your customers.

After all, the success of your business depends on it.

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