Cleanroom Lighting

This necessary notification device is used in air locks to identify whether doors that cannot be seen are open. The idea is that they help prevent more than one door being opened at the same time, thereby stopping air from travelling from one space within the cleanroom directly to another.

Which areas commonly use cleanroom lights?

Interlocking cleanroom lights are highly essential for personnel entrances and exits, material transfer airlocks, and gowning and degowning areas within cleanrooms of all designs. By installing cleanroom lighting, you are ensuring that air quality is preserved and that outside airborne particles do not enter the process areas. In this regard, they are a basic yet necessary feature amongst our range of products.

Invest in our interlocking lights kit

This light kit includes:

  • 1X 24 V Transformer;
  • control box;
  • 4 flush mounting stainless steel faceplates;
  • fixing brackets and red;
  • green lamps.

This door interlocking lighting system comes with a green indicator and a red indicator to indicate if it is allowable to open the door, or if the door must remain shut to maintain pressure cascades.

The control box and transformer can be plugged into any 240 V power supply, allowing them to be remotely located from the cleanroom for easy serviceability.

The lamps are either neon or LED for long service life.

The control box also has the added feature of a dry set of points for both doors to allow for monitoring a door open or closed position from a BMS or other service.