Cleanroom Air handling units

Are standard air handling units or evaporators manufactured by air-conditioning suppliers similar to cleanroom air handling units?


Let me give a brief explanation.

The principal of a cleanroom is to dilute particulate concentrations by introducing cleaned air (in some areas, first pass air is used to create a clean zone within a cleanroom), minimise particulates production in the area exclude all foreign sources of particulate.

Principal of a clean room air handling unit versus and air-conditioning evaporator/air handling unit:



Cleanroom air handling in commercial air handling unit/evaporator.


Clean room air handling in commercial air handling unit/evaporator

Purpose Handle large volumes of air to facilitate meeting the below production requirements Handle 7 to 10 air changes per hour, to facilitate a specific level of comfort for personnel.
Production requirements Temperature control
Production requirements Relative humidity control
Production requirements Establish pressure cascade
Production requirements Pressure cascade control
Production requirements Connection to controls software
Production requirements Particular reduction
Production requirements Return air/outside air mixing
Production requirements Outside air volume control
Production requirements Run conditions, 1 to 3 shifts per business day. 24/7
Production requirement run pressure control 24/7
Production requirements The manufactured with the ability to be maintained easily
Production requirement To be manufactured with quality components with the target of zero downtime.
Production requirements Manufactured specifically for individual facility operation
Production requirements no need to adhere to comfort air conditioning legislation.
Personal comfort Temperature control
Personal comfort Outside air control
Personal comfort Run 8/5
Personal comfort Manufactured multitudes for use in many applications
Personal comfort Compliance to the Australian minimum environment protection standards (MEPS)
Personal comfort Adhere to the local council comfort air conditioning legislation

This is by no means an exhaustive list but there are two items you can gain from the above table.

Firstly the only item that clean room air handling units can generic evaporators/commercial air handling units have in common is that they address temperature.

Secondly the main purpose of both systems is vastly different, one is to facilitate production the other is to facilitate comfort.

In mechanical services, it’s like the difference between passenger car and an aeroplane. Cleanroom control system
Both are used to condition the air, but one is expected to be used for work (production) the other is used to make you feel comfortable.

As you would imagine, if you tried to drive a car at the ocean to get New Zealand, you may have some mechanical failures, simply because your car is not being used for its intended purpose. This is the same as trying to use standard air handling units or evaporators in a cleanroom.


So what is the solution?

The solution is easy: to have a mechanical services system designed and constructed to the specific specification of your cleanroom.

One of the frequently asked questions we hear is:
I only want entry-level cleanroom, I want to use my existing air conditioning for the cleanroom. Is this okay?

Sure, as long as it specifically addresses the requirements of your specification for your cleanroom. If somehow your air conditioning system can be modified to reach your cleanroom specification (even the really simple ones) you’ll find that no manufacturer is prepared to warrant modifications.

This is not unjust, just like trying to drive to New Zealand, comfort air conditioning is never designed to meet the requirements of a specific cleanroom.

But here comes the caveat, depending on what type of air conditioning your facility currently uses, the size of your current air conditioning and how clean your current air conditioning system is.

There may be some opportunities for reuse existing within the new cleanroom design; things such as access chilled water and ductwork may be incorporated minimising capital and labour costs.



Upgrading an existing laboratory into a cleanroom.

cleanroom view

Yes, it’s true we design cleanrooms and we also construct them. The benefit we find to this is, it can be constructed to our exacting specification more readily than if we let it out to tender.One of the items we design and construct is our own cleanroom air handling units.

Depending on project timelines, size of jobs or access or lifting equipment, it may be necessary for us to design and construct a handling unit, here in our workshop or on-site.

If you need and a cleanroom air handling unit for a new facility, facility upgrade, refit or modification, contact us!



New cleanroom facility air handling units.

We would be happy to supply air handling units for your new facility, as I previously mentioned above, we understand the issues with air handling units in cleanroom applications, and we understand exacting specifications, the first thing we need for a new facility handling unit is a specification. If you require a cleanroom air handling unit, send your specification here for pricing.


If you don’t have a specification and any help with your cleanroom, contact us!


A new air handling unit is just one of the services and products that we can offer for your cleanroom.

Cleanroom facility upgrades air handling units.

cleanroom systemThe design of these air handling units needs to be taken into consideration with other modifications that may be required to facilitate your cleanroom upgrade such as ductwork, mechanical controls and chilling equipment for additional heat loads, if you have a specification for a new handling unit for your facility upgrade, please feel free to send it to us for pricing.

 If you don’t have an air handling unit specification some engineering will be required to ascertain what’s required to achieve the new cleanroom specification. We are happy to assist you in gaining the details, and engineering required, to organize the required process below:



The process to supply a suitable handling unit for a facility upgrade:

  • Detail collection;

Details need to be taken as to what is currently in existence, as you can imagine we may be able to design a system that is theoretically meant to provide suitable pressure on volumes, but in reality it accurate details are not found and considered the new handling unit may not operate correctly, details collected are likely to include air volumes drawings layouts air flow schematics details of balancing equipment available space to fit the new equipment in etc.

  • Engineering;

Our engineering Department will undertake a gap analysis identifying what you have in existence and would be required to achieve your new cleanroom specification, taking into consideration, the items being reused.

  • Recommendations;

Our engineers will recommend what needs to be replaced, modified or reused. Consideration will be given to capital expenditure, installation costs, resultant effectiveness and ongoing efficiency.

  • Pricing;

Depending on your location you may wish for us to manufacture your air handling unit and use your internal maintenance engineer/team takes care of the Installation in this case will provide a price for the unit only.


Click here to acquire unit only pricing!

 If you need us to make modifications to the existing system, take care of the installation; you will be happy to hear that you get an added benefit!

The added benefit of us doing the whole job:
We’re not just a consultant who says this is what you should do,
We’re not just a construction company that says we have done all we were told to.

We are the ones that handled the process from beginning to end to confirm that what you asked for it is what you receive.

If you’d like us to take care of the upgrade click here!