Cleanrooms equipment

Cleanrooms Australia manufactures a range of quality cleanroom equipment in our Sydney facility. That means you don’t have to allow for long shipping periods or pay international freight costs like you do when ordering your cleanroom equipment from overseas suppliers.

Our cleanroom equipment is engineered to comply with Australian standards and manufactured out of locally available components so there are no hold-ups if you need spare parts quickly.

All our custom-designed and manufactured cleanroom equipment is also made to last for many years and designed for easy servicing to minimise cost and disruption to your cleanroom operation over the lifetime of the unit. The inclusion of a simple, convenient feature to your equipment isn’t difficult when the device is locally made.

And our equipment design is based on the extensive specialised knowledge we’ve developed over many years of engineering, constructing and installing customised cleanroom solutions across many industry sectors, so you can trust that all our cleanroom equipment is purpose-built for the cleanroom environment.

Browse our range of Australian-made cleanroom equipment below.

Is it the mechanical services and cleanroom can approach 90% of electrical demand of the facility.

It is our belief that reducing the eco footprint of a facility does not only benefit the earth and its inhabitants but is also long term financiallybeneficial to the owner in the long run due to the reduced running costs. In this regard we support the Australian Refrigeration Council and areresponsible licensed users of ozone depleting refrigerant gases and why we received industry recognition for green design.