Modular Cleanrooms

These types of softwall constructions are highly convenient as they take advantage of a pre-existing conditioned space.

Embrace a highly flexible cleanroom system

Modulars are the most flexible types of facilities as they give you the option to alter or expand your cleanroom as need be – simply remove a wall panel and install a new one, or create new entries as required (providing the layout allows you to). Modular cleanroom systems are perfect in providing a less robust, non-permanent solution that can be assembled, reconfigured and moved around (within the panel parameters). We can provide custom made-to-order designs to suit your application or configuration needs that you can expand upon as your project grows, or that you can simply add to your existing structure.

Providing a cost-effective cleanroom solution Australia-wide

One of the biggest benefits of modular cleanroom systems is that they are very cost effective to install (the installation price point of this product would need to be confirmed prior to this statement ) yet are still constructed from highly-durable, made-to-last materials. We can deliver these highly affordable facilities for all kinds of industries, including medical equipment manufacturing, aerospace, and food preparation and processing. Contact us today to find out how you can order a modular system, or take a look at our other facilities such as hardwall, softwall and mobile cleanrooms. We can also supply air shower systems to make sure personnel entering your facility are protected against the risk of introducing contamination to the environment.