Construction and Installation

The greatest cost savings of a project can be made at the beginning of the process by making sure a complete understanding of what is needed is clearly understood, so that the project can be kept on path with little or no deviation.

We have over our years been asked to attend a number of jobs where we have been requested to attend remediation work, and the remediation work has far exceeded the cost of doing the job correctly to start with. This is without considering the time delay to the project and lost profits. Sometimes remediation work has been done years after the facility installation and the customer has been forced to operate at a reduced percentage of their facility’s true capacity.

The technical nature of cleanroom installation should not disguise the project as a true construction project, although specific care should be taken to select a construction team that has the ability and experience to deliver the technical requirements of the project.

Remember once all money is spent and the facility is complete the cleanroom project is then tested.

Decades in the industry has taught us that the key to delivering world-class cleanroom facilities that meet client requirements and strict regulatory standards is a clear planning, design, construction and verification process.

That’s why we’ve developed a process that governs every aspect of your cleanroom project. This ensures we can deliver a cleanroom facility that adds real value to your business while eliminating the budget and timeline blowouts that are all too common with poorly planned cleanroom construction projects.

Our process also allows us to provide our clients with the ultimate transparency into the progression of your project and ensures you’ll be kept in the loop through each stage of your cleanroom construction so you always know where it stands.

Our five-stage cleanroom project process

All our custom cleanroom projects follow a clear six-stage process to ensure each and every cleanroom facility is delivered on time, on budget, and meets client requirements and strict regulatory standards.

1. Order of probable cost

Depending on your location, our engineers will conduct a visit to your facility to conduct a site viability assessment. We’ll develop a thorough understanding of your operational processes through the conceptual design and user brief questionnaires and identify any challenges your site presents. This allows us to provide an accurate cost and timeline estimation to help you set a budget for your cleanroom project.

2. Quotation

With an order of probable cost complete, if you wish to proceed after completing a business case, our designers will create a detailed design to your user requirement specification that expresses our vision for your cleanroom project and how we propose to overcome any challenges that were identified during the order of probable costs process. We’ll work with you to review the concept design and integrate your feedback. If you are unable to create a user requirement specification in-house we can recommend consultants that will work with you to create the necessary information,This will set out the functional and design specifications and include a regulatory review to ensure your cleanroom will meet or exceed the required ISO, GMP or PIC/S standards.

3. Construction

With the appropriate permit approvals in place, we’ll begin the construction of your cleanroom facility. Depending on the type of cleanroom, construction will either take place in our Sydney manufacturing operation or on site at your facility. If the cleanroom has been constructed at our factory, we’ll ship the completed cleanroom to your facility for installation.

4. Documentation

It is commonplace for customers to want internal staff to undertake the project qualification, documentation, registration, verification and licensing of the new cleanroom facility.

However, we have found is that when this part of the project arises, small to medium-sized teams really appreciate the opportunity to utilise experienced, validation consultants (usually utilised originally to undertake the URS portion of the quotation section) to assist in compiling at speed the documentation required to fulfil this section of the project. Having their involvement with the project from early stages can be exceptionally cost-effective due to their specific knowledge of document creation for procedures and policies for sterile or and TGA licensed facilities.

5. Operation

One of the advantages that Cleanrooms Australia has above generic Consultants, builders or architects is our maintenance division. We have ongoing contact and involvement with customers. This results in continuous feedback to our designers and construction team, making sure that our installations and not only continually compliant but also very user-friendly to operate.

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Construction and Installation

As many of our clients have found, there is alot more to cleanroom construction and installation than just an office fit-out or a regular construction job. Cleanrooms by nature are a lot more technical than most other construction jobs, and as such we specialise in providing a superior service that is generally not obtainable by going to the normal marketplace.

With years of experience and a vast knowledge of materials and their properties within cleanroom applications, we can transform an empty warehouse or office area into a research, pharmaceutical, food preparation or defence maintenance cleanroom facility.