Laboratory Pass Through Hatches

With a number of standard sizes, either floor mounted for use with trolleys or wall/bench mounted, our units are made to order so any specific size or design is available without the international shipping delays.

The Cleanrooms Australia pass through hatches range is simple, sturdy efficiency at its best. Designed and constructed in Australia for the Australian market, attention has been paid to critical factors, with the result being a product with strength, longevity and serviceability. The units are competitively priced against international suppliers. They come in a wide range of models and, because they are manufactured locally, any size variation can be accommodated. When heavy loads need to be considered, the units can be matched to our tote trolleys to minimize the chances of OH+S injuries. These simple, easy to use stainless steel hatches have the added benefit of a short manufacture and delivery time to minimise the cost of restricted production. As both doors are mechanically interlocked, the self-closing feature eliminates any confusion that may be caused by one door being left open. These units are built to increase efficiency while retaining, cross contamination integrity.

Standard pass through hatches construction

  • Our units are manufactured to order and are size variable for any purpose;
  • 5>2 mm steel construction for strength and durability;
  • 2 part Epoxy finish;
  • 445m2 S/Steel (316 magnetic alternative) No:4 Brush Finish;
  • Mechanically interlocking doors for failsafe operation;
  • 2mm S/Steel mechanism for many-many years of service;
  • Electro-magnetic interlocking, with illuminated push button door release and power on light, with remote transformer if required;
  • Doors are fitted with Magnetic door seals to ensure perfect sealing even in a power failure situation;
  • Doors are double glazed with alloy surrounds for easy cleaning and great vision into the box;
  • Doors have adjustable torsion bar closing devices for operator-free closing (allows removal of product with two hands and the door will automatically close AND SEAL behind you);
  • Doors and hinges are designed to allow a quick onsite replacement of worn hinge bushes by staff;
  • Doors are designed to be replaceable if damaged in operation (by staff with hand tools);
  • Doors are fitted with adjustable torsion bar closing mechanism (gentle closing, can be adjusted by staff);
  • A standard lift-out base tray can be included upon request to allow any materials spilt to be retained inside the pass through hatch and to allow cleaning without contaminating the cleanrooms;
  • Base tray and service walls can be fully sealed if required.

Optional extras for your stainless steel hatches

  • Full 445M2 No 4 Brush Stainless Steel construction;
  • Hepa Bleed air .30L/s 100mm spigot (supply air from HOUSE HVAC to room or self-contained recirculating fan assist with speed controller and Magnehelic with output for alarm or control) (Note: 10a 240v supply required);
  • Stainless steel wire or tray shelving (TGA request for goods IN-Goods OUT separation);
  • Lead lined boxes and doors (in conjunction with radiation services);
  • A constant bleed through, either from room pressure or from clean air supply, is available;
  • Stainless steel OH+S Trolleys with product rails for use with heavy materials (OH&S requirement);
  • Double glazed glass see-through doors available with modesty curtains;

We are passionate and committed to supplying you with a pass through hatch that works in your facility; to giving you the most streamlined and profitable option for your cleanroom; and to providing the easiest tool for your staff to operate.

Installation Kit:

  • 2 x 50mm dressing surrounds with rounded corners;
  • 2 x 300mm angle brackets with two wall bolt holes 10mm in each bracket.