Cleanroom Air Showers

These specialised antechamber systems are designed for use at the entrance to the cleanroom facility, and they ensure cleanliness of personnel and support classification requirements for the facility. By producing high velocity clean air streams, cleanroom air showers dislodge and carry away a quantity of large dust and dirt particles from the garments of any personnel entering the facility.

Highlighting the importance of air showers for cleanrooms

These hygiene instruments are highly crucial as they help assist the environmental conditions of the cleanroom or cleanrooms to be supported. The minimisation of large particle contamination, being carried in on technicians’ garments, can have fatal results on equipment or products within the facility. For this reason, air showers have become a necessity for many industries where technicians are moving from a dirty classification room to high classes of cleanrooms without re-gowning, such as in science, research and manufacturing fields. Constructed from the highest quality materials in Australia, our products have been designed with the clients’ product knowledge and operational experience to ensure best hygiene practices are employed each and every time.

Finding the best air shower system for your requirements

Systems vary due to many existing designs. Existing cleanroom showers can be retrofitted to suit an existing facility and as such can be placed directly on the ground and turned on. Designs feature single-side, double-side, and three-side showers, where stainless steel nozzles produce high velocity direction-adjustable clean air stream and are often complemented by HEPA filters to specifically target particles that are larger than 0.3 micrometres. No matter whether your industry is in biomedical research and life science or pharmaceutical and parenteral drug production, we can deliver an air shower system to assist your reduction of technician or inward goods particle carry-over conditions for most environments. For other essential cleanroom products including laboratory pass-through hatches and air handling units, search our products section.