Mobile and Portable Cleanrooms

The most universal of all are the mobile cleanrooms, able to be manufactured in Sydney and transported almost anywhere by truck or helicopter (just ask the defense force).

Our solutions come in a number of varieties and designs depending on the requirement of how much movement is required. For people in remote locations, mobile rooms can be landed in existing warehouses with minimal logistical overheads that would otherwise be required.

Some of our portable solutions are completely contained within a transportable frame and can be quickly and completely deployed to a remote site at a low cost.
One of the biggest challenges with relocatable cleanrooms is the air tightness after a move.

As pressure cascades are one of the primary tools against particles ingress into a cleanroom, maintaining the integrity of the pressure barrier is of utmost importance. This can be more difficult depending on the construction method employed.

How to construct your portable cleanroom

There are numerous methods of construction for a relocatable facility of which the options include demountable type buildings (commonly referred to in the mining industry as Dongas), and shipping containers, which offer a modular, self-supporting, freestanding facility that can be stacked and relocated multiple times.
One of the restrictions to consider with all types of relocatable buildings is how to contain a process within set boundaries. This issue can be overcome by mounting numerous modules together, wherein attention will need to be paid to the pressure barrier, construction method and the ability to be relocated whilst maintaining cleanroom air leakage integrity.

Depending on the characteristics of the desired cleanroom, some mobile rooms may require some site work and adjustment.

We can ensure the lowest portable cleanroom cost

Working with our extensive network of suppliers, we ensure that we keep our prices low. With high quality, low cost portable cleanrooms, you’ll always be able to access the room you need.