Commissioning and Qualification

Cleanroom Commissioning

At Cleanrooms Australia we believe commissioning is not just turning the cleanroom on and making it run. We believe that commissioning is making it run the way the client requires for their specific purpose. Most of the time with a new facility or modification, it will take some time for the client to fully utilise the cleanroom to its potential. As this process occurs, different needs become evident and a change in how the facility operates in response to these changing needs is required.

At Cleanrooms Australia we expect to maintain a new or modified facility on an ongoing basis to assist the client with meeting their statutory obligations and give ample opportunity for our clients to get a firm grasp and confidence in the use of the facility at full production.

Cleanroom qualification.

Depending on the use of the cleanroom, qualification can be very brief or extensive. We can offer assistance to new clients that may never have been through this process before. For clients that may have been through the process before and would like assistance in re-qualifying either new or existing facilities or modifications, we can offer experienced personnel to assist with the process.