Containment Facilities

Used for different purposes than cleanrooms, containment facilities employ separate standards that pertain to the design, construction and certification of physical containment laboratories.

Simple particle containment facilities may be doing something as simple as bulk soldering, whereas complex particle units may be dealing with Avian flu, mad cow disease or gene modification. With so many different purposes, there is naturally quite a variety of different levels and facility types to navigate through.

The different classifications of containment facilities

Just like cleanrooms, particulate containment laboratories have different classifications, each having specific requirements and construction techniques. The purposes for which they are used can vary from the housing/keeping/rearing of large grazing animals, aquatic organisms, anthropods and genetically-modified micro-organisms, to the growing of plants, which require Constant Temperature Rooms. Classifications come down to four different PC levels (Physical Containment Levels), which are determined by the how much risk there is of organism escape and how much danger is involved if the organism escaped, according to each unique situation.

Discover the Australian standards and guidelines for containment facilities

The Guidelines and Forms for Certification in Australia is the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR).

You should consult this guide to make your decision on which PC level and facility type you should apply for in regards to your particular requirements. If you need assistance in finding the right facility, we welcome you to contact our company for professional advice and expertise. The guidelines are governed by the Gene Technology Act 2000 and inspections are carried out by this agency:

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