Cleanroom / Laboratory Trolleys


The trolley pictured here is for use with heavy products and can be used in conjunction with pass through hatches that have been fitted with slide rails. This allows the containers to be moved with ease and decreases likelihood of OH&S injuries.


Our Range:

  • Instrument/General Purpose Trolleys;
  • Equipment Trolleys (with rails to keep equipment on the trolley)
    Heavy Goods Trolleys (to be used in conjunction with plastic tubs);
  • Under Bench Trolleys;
  • Picking/Packing Trolleys (for packing plastic tubs with “job lots” for assemblers in the cleanroom);
  • Chrome plated adjustable shelving racks with casters;


Optional Extras:

  • Fit 25mm ‘D’ Buffer (around Platform base);
  • Four 125 x 125mm Roller Buffers/Corner Buffers Clipboard Holder;
  • Double handle (handle at each end);
  • 25x25mm Mesh Side and 100mm High around Top Deck.



Due to size, all items are made to order and take around 3 – 3,5 weeks to deliver depending on quantities.
Some of these come in standard sizes and we can also manufacture specialty trolleys.


When considering trolleys these are questions that you should consider:

  • Location of cleanroom (or are you organizing freight?);
  • Cleanroom classification;
  • Material of trolley (s/steel, powder coated, chrome etc.);
  • Caster Type (lockable/non scuffing/100kg load bearing etc.);
  • Size of trolley required;
  • Number of shelves.

Cleanroom / Laboratory Trolley order form

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