Cleanroom Design and Consulting Australia-Wide

Cleanrooms Australia can provide planning and consultancy for anything from a mobile cleanroom for a small softwall enclosure through to a multi-storey production/research facility. No matter size, purpose, industry or budget, we will cater to your needs.

Why should I bother consulting with an expert to plan my cleanroom?

Every client will have differing requirements from their cleanroom, as will every technician using the facility. These standards may specify how a room is required to perform, but it is only after detailed discussions with the client about their specific needs that a real understanding of what is required can be achieved. That’s why we offer our highly-coveted services in cleanroom design and consulting – so you can plan for the best facility for your exact needs and budget.

Specialising in enviro-friendly designs

Good, clean, green design is something that we are well-known for and one of the reasons clients continue to employ our handy services. Our slick designs are kind to your environment AND to your accountant as these savvy energy-efficient cleanrooms cost much less to run. Our consulting services can help you plan and invest in a cost-effective solution that won’t cost the earth.

Get in touch with our team to start your planning process

Great design can only be achieved with forethought and planning. If you’d like to meet our designers to discuss a new job, modifications, upgrade to existing facility, or ways to improve performance in the current facility, contact us here or call us on (02) 9939 1040. Our team of experts are here to answer your questions and guide you towards investing in the best products for your requirements.

1. Enquiry

If you need a cleanroom, we first have to find out where you are in the process of building one. This includes exactly what you are looking for in your cleanroom, how much information and details you can provide us with and ideally, if you already have drawings.

2. Initial Meeting/ Review of Documents

We may have an initial meeting with you after you have given us enough information. Here, we figure out if you are looking for a budget figure or a quote. We will inform you on the cost and time involved.

3. Order of probable cost
After we have calculated the cost we will inform you as to what the price will be.
4. Quotation
We will give you information on what is included or excluded from our quotation.
5. Plenary construction

Completion of the cleanroom.

6. At rest or as built validation
Before handing the cleanroom over, we will perform a test, usually in the as built condition.

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