Cleanroom Products, Supplies and Equipment

Pass-through Hatches

These products are available in a number of variants and can be wall mounted, bench mounted or floor mounted for use with trolleys. Invest in our made-to-order services today for a pass-through hatch that will effectively assist with limiting cross-contamination within your facility.Read more >>

Cleanroom Trolleys

Our cleanroom trolleys are a highly useful form of equipment, particularly for the use of safely transporting heavy products. Trolleys can be fitted with slide rails to ensure containers can easily be moved around.

Cleanroom 3-tier double handle with retaining lip
Step-over bench

Step-over Benches

These sturdy supplies are ideal for cleanroom change areas, allowing personnel to enter the facility safely without bringing contamination with them. We have a range of designs available so you can find the best product for your needs.


Interlock Door, Light

These lighting systems are used to indicate if it is allowable to open a door, or if a door must remain shut to maintain pressure cascades. These are a necessary when one door of an airlock cannot be seen from the opposing door as called for by the standard for preserving the air pressure cascade and subsequent quality within the facility.

Interlock door indicators
Cleanroom air showers

Cleanroom Air Showers

Air showers produce high velocity clean air streams that dislodge and carry away large dirt and particles from personnel entering the facility. We have an array of designs available, including the air shower systems pictured here which are designed to be retrofitted to an existing facility and can therefore be easily installed by simply placing on the ground and turning on.


Cleanroom Workbenches

These handy supplies are designed for durable and reliable use, providing an area for personnel to safely change. The brushed stainless steel surfaces prevent contamination within the cleanroom while the seamless welding ensures no voids or crevices in the equipment, which can be the perfect breeding ground for germs.

Stainless steel cleanroom workbench

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