Pass Through Hatches

October 24, 2017

The Cleanrooms Australia Pass Through Hatches are designed and manufactured for years of effortless operation.

Cleanrooms Australia Pass Through Hatches are a great facilitator of limiting cross contamination in any grade of cleanroom. The Standard ISO 14644 clearly identifies the requirements for pass through hatches for product flow into, and out of different grade areas within a cleanroom. This is in addition to waste being excluded from completed products and ejected from the cleanroom separately to minimise cross contamination.

At Cleanrooms Australia we are proud of the performance of our pass through hatches from our standard steel to our stainless steel ranges.

Our pass through hatches are designed and constructed to minimise pressure loss from any critical area.

Whether the pass through hatch is being used in a particle containment laboratory or in a cleanroom, we can supply either a mechanical or a pushbutton release interlocking mechanism.

All our pass through hatches are made to order in Australia, are and hand finished.

Our doors are sealed and double glazed so it’s easy to tell when there is something in the pass through hatch.

We design and manufacture our pass through hatches to be robust and simple so that you can use them day in and day out with confidence.

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