Introducing the Hurricane Air Shower

December 2, 2021

We introduce our latest product, the Hurricane Air Shower

We are excited to introduce a new product in our line of Cleanrooms equipment, the Hurricane Air shower. A walk-through air shower solution that makes you feel like you’ve been in a Class 1 hurricane (the air speeds reach Class 1 classification). It also works to entrain particulates off personnel along your manufacturing process line.

Our units are manufactured in Sydney Australia from reliable, robust materials in a manner that makes the equipment easily cleaned and maintained. Material is resourced from well supported companies to assist in making sure there is minimal downtime, future availability of components and suit compliance documentation.

Cleanrooms Australia Air Showers are used to minimise cross-contamination in Cleanroom operations by using high velocity air to loosen particles and debris from apparel when personnel are transitioning between clean and dirty Cleanroom areas.

We have been working on a stand alone model ready to install in situ. Our airshowers are designed to facilitate efficient flow of personnel from one environment to another while reducing cross contamination of particle debris. With large viewing windows that are flush mount to the inside and outside, both sides can be viewed so it can be qualified as an airlock. With strong directional air flow, robust construction and electronic interlocks, the result is a product that will limit cross contamination that’s easily serviceable and will give many years of use. We offer personal assistance when ordering airshowers to assist with door swing selection. 

The fan supplies air at a very high velocity and low pressure on two sides of the walk through area. Nozzles on each side are moveable to adjust the direction of airflow. Two terminally mounted HEPA filter trap particles before air is directed through the nozzles into the walk through area and returns through floor level Return Air grills and pre filters before being recirculated.

The air shower doors are electro-magnetically locked to reduce the possibility of contamination from escaping during the cleaning cycle. The cycle length can be adjusted on the timer, located in the electrical board. The doors unlock once the cycle is completed, so that the occupant can exit. The system is then ready again for the next occupant.

The unit has plenty of clearly communicating lights to indicate the status of the equipment and safety stop buttons located in 3 different positions (dirty, clean sides and walk through area).

And shipping could not be easier.  Each air shower unit is encased in a purpose built shipping container of soft wood fully lined with 10 mm foam with top and sides all removable.  Unit is bolted to the pallet floor to provide strength and assist with final location movement.

If you are looking for a smaller solution to repurpose an existing airlock into an airshower, please see our Portable Airshower design.

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