Cleanroom Gowning

October 24, 2017

In a recent meeting I was asked by one of the managers of a new research and development company:

“What is the correct method to gown to enter the cleanroom?”

Obviously discussion followed as to, it depending on who is working in what area, to what classification the cleanroom is designed and constructed and the requirements would be needed to meet SOPs.

This led to further discussion of the SOPs, quality assurance etc etc. Needless to say this manager was in finance and not in operations and had only previously been part of clean manufacturing not cleanrooms. I understood this may be a question from a number of people and I thought that it might be worthwhile to attach a few quick videos to help people’s understanding.

In the above video at 0:50s there is a comment that people are the biggest source of contaminants. Consideration should also be given to product as a major source of contaminants.

Below is an actual example of a gowning procedure.

Cleanroom gowning depends on what is being done in the cleanroom. There is obviously a big difference between preparing raw food materials to preparing a sterile pharmaceutical compound for human treatment, and the gowning procedure is different in each case, the below video is simply an example, and may not be relevant to your cleanroom.